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Collection – SS 2016 - Museum

This Spring/Summer 2016 is a step up from the past collections in terms of materials use and design, yet retain the simple and fun FABITORIA’s signature styles.

The theme for FABITORIA 2016 Spring/Summer series is MUSEUM. It will bring everyone into another extraordinary journey going through present and past as well as oriental and western world that is going to agitate a great vision enjoyment. The idea came from Metropolis of New York and the British V&A and that is to transfer the genuine beauty from arts collections onto pieces of outfit. Classical and elegant, romantic and exclusive, this series engraves a spirit of eras with floral prints. Delicate gimmick also makes meaningful finishing touches that will provide peaceful viewing pleasure yet magnificent passion among viewers.
FABITORIA is a fashion label founded by two skirt-obsessed designers, Fabiana Chang and Victoria Kao in 2012. Fabiana and Victoria are inspired by elements from their daily life, transform the nature, animals, and ordinary objects into wild, fun, surreal, and post-modern graphic designs. Their surreal, exclusive and highly-wearable printed creations soon got attentions from influential fashion bloggers and press worldwide, such as Susie Bubble, Vogue.it, Fashionista.com, and Style.com. In 2013, FABITORIA was featured in English publication, The Print Revolution: Groundbreaking Textile Design In The Digital Age, along with established brands Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.