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Collection – FABIANA C AW18 Collection pay a tribute to the 20th Anniversary of Titanic

FABIANA C came back with 18F/W collection in ISSI, Shanghai. Movie <Titanic> is the core spirit and concept of this new collection. Fabiana revived unfadable love story and nostalgia that was sleeping deep under the Atlantic ocean by her own artistry. The classic scenery, those elegant moves and the soul full of free will that Rose showed us in the movie was all blended into every pieces by print, texture, silhouette and details. Welcome aboard to the journey full of wonder.

FABIANA C 18秋冬系列 致敬Titanic 20th Anniversary 陽光下,模特兒們走在大片落地窗的秀場空間,撼動人心的配樂,帶領觀眾穿越時空,進入經典永恆Titanic電影場景。此系列是1912年代風華女性的重新投射,用FABIANA C式的時裝剪裁表現。在版型與廓形上也有相當大的突破,多元精緻面料和色彩運用則展現了成熟與細膩。別具心裁的印花設計更成為每件服裝畫龍點睛的細節。
With the ability of combining graphics with fashion, her keen observation, and the unique perspective, Fabiana Chang creates design that’s artistic while wearable. In 2012 Fabiana Chang founded the brand FABITORIA, which became a great success and was loved by the fashion influencers and press worldwide, such as Susie Bubble, Vogue.it, Fashionista.com, and Style.com. English publication, Print Revolution, also featured FABITOIRA along with other established brands. It’s surreal and exclusive printed designs was loved by celebrities all over Asia, and makes the brand one of the best-known designer brands. In 2017, Fabiana Chang founded her own name brand - FABIANA C, to amaze the world once again with her free and woman-centered design aesthetic.