Eva Lili Bartha

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Via University College/ TEKO Design & Business
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Collection – High On Life

The men- and womenswear AW 18 collection is called High On Life: bittersweet story-telling and artistic visualization of the human soul. It takes the audience through a metaphoric journey where my former addiction to pills is in line with a general attitude in life: inescapable longing for completion, love, acceptance and desperate seek for the happiness itself. The strong, expressive prints, structured surfaces (hand embroidery, laser cut accessories, quilted details) and unusual shapes transmit the bittersweet nature of addiction: something which can not only bring out the engulfing extasic feelings, but leaves the hopeless craving for something non-reachable. The amount of white colour on each outfit serves as negative space, representing the naked soul on what the hectic hurricane of emotions paints acid clouds. The essence of this collection offers a two-sided reflection on our existence: while we are blindly seeking the mystified state of perfection and happiness, we miss the most valuable moments in our life. On the other hand, life itself and all our aspirations and decisions completes the most beautiful symphony which boldly plays on us, simple human instruments.
Eva Lili Bartha is fashion designer, with a very colorful background and a true passion in creation. Before entering the design education, her career was set to become a mathematician, and she graduated with the highest grade and an Applied Mathematician Master Degree. This helped her to approach fashion with a unique point of view, having an unshaped creativity knowing no boundaries. Her mission is to show that clothing can be much more than a materialistic item of consumerism. She believes that it is not only possible to communicate through clothing, but also essential, and having access to such powerful tool is a privilege, and requires respect and commitment. The label under her name is dedicated to share her values, to draw attention to actual social and political issues, and to tell her stories, guiding the audience into a world of her own imagination. Using expressive prints, contrasting colour combinations and mixing rich surface manipulations the tactility and visual identity of the garments serve as a communication medium, while the 'display' is often combined from outstanding silhouettes developed from draping on the stand.