Euphemio Fernandez

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escuela superior de diseño de madrid
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Collection – LOS.ODIOSOS.1718

2000. Adolescence. Puberty. Youth. Restlessness. Questions. Internet. Answers. Changes. Feelings. Discover. Assimilate. To accept. Psychological struggle. Fight against others. Incomprehension. Laughter. Abuse. Hate.
LOS.ODIOSOS.1718 is a ready-to-wear, unisex and timeless collection where the main inspiration is the chavs scene (from the UK, a pejorative term to refer to the subculture of the English working class which, according to this stereotype, wear brand and informal or striking jewelry, hated and repudiated and yet are a source of inspiration and style for today's young people when dressing) transferring it to the Spain of 2000. A return to the fashions that marked the teenagers from the late 80's and early 90's with the beginning of the new century, marked by the Internet boom and the first social networks, the first mobiles and computers. That generation dubbed Generation Y. A generation marked by technology in full growth. Electro and techno music.
As referring to the cinematographic work of Mathieu Kassovitz: La haine, photographs rescued from my family album and the photographic work of Mario Zamora "To the moon and back". The transformation of garments, volumes, back to the big dimensions, tracksuit, plume coat, with a less aggressive and more aesthetic vision, tailoring, technical and reflective materials, waterproof, knitted by frame and treatment of fabrics.
A story of Hate and Resentment, which forms together with Manifesto a Trilogy based on life, memories and feelings and emotions that I feel and suffer. A trilogy that began with death (Manifesto SS2017), which continues with life (through the feeling of hated as a source of inspiration: LOS.ODIOSOS.1718) and to end the birth.
We hate what escapes our understanding, our control, our limits. The hate destroys, separates, and disgusts, but it is necessary to make the hated, beautiful.
(Photo by Claudia Maturana)

Fashion Films

Since he was a child, he was interested in fashion design. Design, art, photograph and architecture, he began the degree in Architecture, but he justify it with the objective of study the degree in Graphic Design. In 2010, he began Pattern design. In 2012, he went to Milan to do an internship in a classical tailor shop which works with leather. In 2012, he began to study fashion design in Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid, combining his studies with small capsule collections. In 2013, he took part on the tender “Malagacrea”, in Málaga city, with his collection called ANDROGINIA which modelled at “Jóvenes Diseñadores”. Next year, he was selectioned again for this tender with NEMESIS and he took part in the same tender with CHAOS. He showed his work WEF at the “Museo del Traje” in Madrid, at the Shingo Sato’s exposition Workshop and he had worked with Moisés Nieto. In June 2016 he finishes his studies in ESDMadrid presenting their Final Work Studies with MANIFESTO SS2017 collection, part of the collection presented in the September edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid at SamsungEGO Fashion Talent. In 2016/2017 grade he specializes in tailoring in La Confianza High School in Madrid. Finally, he has publications in NEO2, NO SUBSTANCE, NR MAGAZINE, DIVO MAGAZINE, LING MAGAZINE and LUCYS MAGAZINE, and in the site webs of VEIN MAGAZINE, VOGUE SPAIN, VOGUE ITALY, NEO2, L'OFFICIEL AZERBAIJAN, RUDE MAGAZINE, WAG1MAG, SICKY MAGAZINE, VULKAN MAGAZINE y FAULT MAGAZINE, among other things.