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Collection – Parade

The Parade Collection was a collaboration with the amazing band 'laGarcon y leChica'.
It was presented at the theatre festival 'Parade' in the Netherlands where the band performed in Esther Haamke's new collection.

Specially for this edition of The Parade, laGarcon joined forces with leChica and created disco duets that sparkle like jewels.
It’s small, a little medium and very raar. From awakening to explosion, both figuratively and intellectually. Featuring Bart Rijnink and others as laGarçon* and Eva Laurenssen as leChica. Visual design by talented fashion diva Esther Haamke. Daring and absurd, this is a musical feast for the eyes and ears...

Photography by Niels van Veen
Models: Bart Rijnink, Eva Laurenssen, Rory Ronde and Dionys Breukers

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Esther Haamke is an Amsterdam based fashion designer who launched her label end of January 2015 with the collection 'Snake Preview'. After her studies in illustration, she went to Antwerp to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Nevertheless illustration stays one of the most important things in her work and colourful prints are the main ingredient in her collections. Esther Haamke is streetwear with a bit of sparkle, it is fresh and playful with a humorous touch. Hopefully it makes you smile.