Erea Delorenzi

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Fashion school Polimoda
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Collection – AIMFROM

This collection it's inspired by the Mexico, in particular by the gang MS marasavatrucha and by the juvenile current of the cholombianos.Graphics and silhouettes in particular are inspired by the latter, taking a cue from their customs and the importance they give to the saints, saints that I have ironically brought to become cholombianos. The main colors refer to the simple skin of which the marasavatrucha is dressed.
Designer: Andrea Delorenzi @ereadelorenzi
Photographer: Greta Langianni @gretalennon
Model: Jean Luis Pena Gonzalez
My name is Andrea and i'm 22 years old. I was born in Cesena, in Emilia-Romagna and now i am in Florence for studies fashion at Polimoda. I'm interested in everything related to the world of fashion and especially to photography. My way of making fashion is very focused on sportswear and the idea to create comfortable garments, sports, technical and wearable for physical activity with an eye for creative ideas and out of the ordinary.