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Collection – Envol Avec Ning 2018 S/S

2018 S/S Teddy girls’ day off

Succeeding the whimsies and playfulness of the independent women in the '50s, while carrying traces of an elegant and classy street style, this seasons' new design concept brings you to a whole new era. This season, EAN takes you through the petrichor of freedom and the rebellion of women during the 1950's.

「I am not your pretty teddy.」

The change lies not just in the  transformation of clothing styles and forms, but also in the very beginning of our attitudes. Fusing whimsical ideas and the Country Road plaids, while adding a little touch of the fascinating and abstract ornaments, our dream in this season is wonderfully fulfilled. 

Mei Ning Chiu is a young designer based out of Taipei. She graduated of Academy of Art University, San Francisco, And Ning was doing designer assistant at Anna Sui, New York in 2009. Her designs are based on a belief of the thin dividing line between opposing forces. Strong silhouettes are often juxtaposed by soft fabrics and playful prints and vice versa. Details are thoughtfully presented in every one of her designs. Envol Avec Ning designs represents the delicate balance between opposites and her trademark mix of femininity and masculinity.