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Collection – spring/summer 2017

ELOSHI new spring-summer collection brings fashion tendencies together.
An elegant neckline from ELOSHI carries the character of Victorian era. By decorating in its own unique way, designer converts woman in strong and independent personality.
ELOSHI speaks directly to those women who are not aiming to be only men-attractive. ELOSHI woman loves its own sense of style and enjoys being coquettish at the same time. Considering these king of details in new collection, makes ELOSHI unique.
Another feature that makes ELOSHI collection outstanding is fabric asymmetries combined with variety of colors. Collection has geometrically shaped figures, decorated with tulle and light tissue. This gives harmoniously fusion look. Each peace is made from natural fabric, silk, viscose and etc.
Collection’s main line also contains natural leather shoes and plexiglass accessories

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1997-2001 – attended Georgian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Modeling 2001 – internship with designer Maka Asatiani 2001 – participated and won a competition – Russian Silhouette 2005 – founded a brand “INFORMAL” have received a grand price of the Young Designers Competition (2005) 2006 – internship at Central St. Martin College From 2012 - Leading own brand “ELOSHI“ From 2013 - Owner of Concept store "Made in Georgia" in Tbilisi and in Batumi, which sell beginner Georgian designercollections