Eloïse Ptito-echeverria

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ryerson university
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Collection – The Many Muses

“The Many Muses” is a textile-focused S/S18 womenswear collection inspired by three different muses of beloved male painters: Jeanne Hébuterne, Fränzi Fehrmann, and Rosa Rolanda. Often revisiting my thoughts over the years, the collection seeks to pay homage to these three particular women for repeatedly inspiring me during my own creative processes. Through varied textures, hand-painted nudes, experimental embroidery, and digitally-printed textiles, I seek to honour the luminous creativity of these women that is often overlooked. Despite my own projections, it is disheartening to realize that all three women have frequently been solely understood as muses; in reality, they were spectacular painters and artists in their own right. While I am grateful for the countless works they have helped birth and inspire, it is my intention to explore their inner worlds sartorially and give thanks to their undervalued work as artists. It is precisely their secret works that have aided in fuelling my own cycle of creativity.
Originally from Montréal and now based in Toronto, Eloïse Ptito-Echeverria possesses a particular passion for textiles, embroidery, and colour. She also designs her own fabrics and runs a textile-focused clothing line called Fauve. Classic eccentric in style, the label seeks to produce unique yet timeless pieces in limited-runs. Eloïse's heavily art-based design practice involves creating textiles from her very own watercolour paintings and implimenting several emerging and historical textile practices such as Rococo hand-embroidery. Paying very little attention to current fads or trends, her ultimate goal is to create heirloom pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation, daughter to daughter.