Ellinor Braennstroem

United Kingdom
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london college of fashion
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united kingdom
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Collection – Muted pleasure from the North

Photography: Camilla Glorioso @camillaglorioso / Beauty: Gareth Harris @garethharrismua / Model: Amanda Ljunggren @amanda_ljunggren

Muted pleasure from the north is a story based on my personal experience and elements from my upbringing and culture. for a family coming from north of Sweden, clothing was not about pleasure and vanity, but about practicality, perceptions that radically changed for me venturing into fashion. i wanted to explore and challenge the practicality and beauty of conventions.
the collection is a women’s wear line for outdoor layering inspired by the silhouette, constructions and details of the swedish folk dress, classical and popular outdoor garments of ”house work” and hiking such as cargo trousers, shell and insulation pieces in the principle of layering in the scandinavian way. the folk dress (“folkdräkt”) was the historical clothing worn during the medieval times until the reformation of the class society. it was adapted for the daily work of taking care of the household and to stand the cold and draft of weather changes when harvesting the field.
the materials are of a organic feel to symbolize how the clothes were patched until they were no more wearable, but yet with functional properties. print and emboridered technique influenced by swedish folk art and our traditions of textile use and needle work.
Swedish born Ellinor Braennstroem, graduated from London College of Fashion in 2017 with a degree in Sportswear fashion design. To me, clothes' always a very momentous tool of self expression and identity. Born as a gender fluid person, the disconnect I’ve felt to female and male gender identities has both inspired and antagonized me in ambiguous ways but also enabled me to create a voice and present alternative categories of clothes in silhuettes and material use. Designs are often influenced by elements, traditional handicrafts and the outdoor life from my personal experience of my upbringing in Sweden. The aspect of sustainability, from my cultural rituals around how we layer our clothes, repair and treasure them is always present in mind when making of them. Since 2011 I’ve been able to explore fashion in Stockholm, Paris and London as a subject in history of dress, theory and its social functions and as an aesthetical object in illustration, tailoring and couture sewing techniques, draping, weaving, knitwear, textile developments, pattern cutting and body mapping. In 2017 I ended up pursuing a degree in Fashion Sportswear design at London College of Fashion, by the curiosity and challenge of a unique path in the industry. This choice is probably a very good description of my oeuvre and personality, to change, provoke, and give new dimensions to fashion with creativity and with a bit of humor.