Ellie Ford

United Kingdom
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united kingdom
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Collection – I paint to decondition myself.

Full PDF Look Book can be emailed to stylists upon request. Rita Ora has been seen wearing items from this collection.
Founded on the principles of emotion, balance and risk, two strong designers with different points of view collide to create exquisite precision tailoring and easy-to-wear silhouettes. ELLIE FORD symbolizes a confident, daring attitude to represent women who forge their own path. Her cool, refined edge vision is unrivalled, where a vibrant equilibrium between concepts is an strong argument within every collection. Daring in terms of subject, daring in terms of theme. It’s all about following your own instinct; swimming against the current, taking risks. When today’s fashion industry insists on over the top, yelling and extravagant design, ELLIE FORD dares the wave and believes in an aesthetic that can be classic without being boring, where you can expect reflective, deliberate silhouettes combined with a balanced jet eclectic array of colour-clash and hammered fabrics. ELLIE FORD doesn’t follow, ELLIE FORD explores, ELLIE FORD argues, experiments, takes risks combined, is smart, is daring.