Ellie Ford

United Kingdom
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united kingdom
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Collection – Want to kiss myself I'm so pretty...

Presenting the most recent collection developed by the ELLIE FORD duo, fruity and electric colour clash prints are presented for Spring, perfect for the summer and upcoming summer festival season. Expect to see these garments on stage at Glastonbury. Pomegranate repeats meet citrus scans, printed onto beautiful silks and jerseys. Please contact...
Founded on the principles of emotion, balance and risk, two strong designers collaborate to create exquisite precision tailoring and easy-to-wear silhouettes. ELLIE FORD symbolises a confident and daring attitude, and represents women who forge their own path. Her cool, refined edge is unrivalled, where a vibrant equilibrium between concepts is a strong argument within every collection. ELLIE FORD is all about following your own instinct; swimming against the current, taking risks. ELLIE FORD dares the wave and believes in an aesthetic that can be classic without being boring, where you can expect reflective, deliberate silhouettes combined with a balanced jet eclectic array of colour-clash and hammered fabrics. ELLIE FORD explores, ELLIE FORD argues, ELLIE FORD experiments, takes risks combined, is smart, is beautiful, is daring.