Elizabeth Vale

United Kingdom
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Royal College of art (RCA)
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Collection – Eddy Seas of Time Resort 18

Moments that have drifted ashore in our seas of time.

Clothes that inhabit memory and reality.

Eddy is an anthropological project examining menswear dress. Influenced by a sense of forgotten masculine elegance found in images of the past. The main focus is to transform garments in such a way to bring out its origin and history.

Eddy is a study of emblematic details and an examination of quiet intimacy; to create a feeling that is both timeless as it is modern. Subtlety is refined with an unpolished elegance.

Informed by the research conducted on the Isle of Sark funded by the Janey Ironside Travel Bursary. The collection has been sponsored by Kaihara Mill and Endrime.

Photography by Dham Srifuengfung
Styling by Michael Darlington
Model Travis Barton at Nii Agency

Fashion Films

“Elizabeth Vale’s navy wool sailor pieces and denim archetypes, with their perfect proportions and minutely detailed ghost seaming and stitching, were the kind of quiet clothes that say the most” Ahmed Osman, Business of Fashion.