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Collection – Spring Summer 18 - Dreaming on a cloud of blush

“Confession of a pretty pastel and floaty fabric setting a feminine tone for spring”
Spring has finally arrived after months of dedication to velvet dresses, warm cozy knits and puffer coats - and with a new fashion season comes a fresh batch of Elizabeth An’Marie pieces. As we’ve now entered into a new year At Elizabeth An’Marie HQ we’re doing things a little different. Gone with the funky, minimalistic and unique (can’t forget about the handmade uniqueness) This year were bring more funk, more uniqueness and mush mush more excitement. As a brand we wanna step out the box and continue to creating amazing things. #believewhatyousee is our motto because what you see has been all made via our hands. Hence a handmade brand.
With our new and first Collection of the year we desire for you to Make your presence known with these saturated-color frocks, which often come adorned with ruffle necks, big sleeves and other romantic touches for an overdose of femininity.

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"A knitwear brand which started with a whisper" 4 years ago, Elizabeth An'Marie was birthed, from just a whisper. I decided to leave my level 4 Graphic and design course, I was studying in one of the top leading art universities in London, London Collage of Communication. But at the end of my first year I decided university just wasn't for me. So I decided I wanted to start something for myself. I've always known from a young age that I wanted to do somthing in the fashion industry. I always thought I wanted to be a fashion Photographer or Graphic Designer for one of the top leading brands, but I never thought i would be designing and making my own clothing, knitwear pieces, taking my own fashion photographs, designing my own website and flyers for myself and the world to see. I decided to start Elizabeth An'Marie in order to give myself something to do. Being a girl who just left Uni and not having a paying job, I started producing fashionable knitwear that could be worn for any occasion. Some people might think our knitwear is expensive! But we only use the finest quality of pure wool, e.g. Merino wool which is a lovely wool to work with and we lovingly knit everything by hand. We love designing and creating unique fashion, for the everyday girl/woman. So Hi! I'm Shelby Marie Fuller and this is Elizabeth An'Marie. And I want to continue making knitwear clothing that you'll love living in. P.s. Did I mention that I taught myself to knit within 3 months, that was 4 years ago.