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Collection – Vivid Nostalgia

Inspired by the tiles of Portugal and Spain: the tiled city of Lisbon where buildings are decorated with intricate patterned painted ceramic tiles better known as Azulejos. These print inspirations reflect on nostalgia and look to the past.
Retro interior design and minimalist architecture give inspiration to this collection together with nature and life.
Shades of green and rich colours bring the story of life, nature and our environment and therefore merging 2 worlds together.
Nature and the City
Future and past
Vintage and modern
The duality - where we swing from opposites to appreciate either.
Ekta Kalan, a strategy consultant turned Fashion designer takes all her childhood loves of colour, play, her interests in history, cultures and old craftsmanship to bring a new story. This fusion together with her Indian cultural heritage has influenced her as well her South African life filled with global and local mixes of experiences, have created her unique style and signature. Ekta takes inspiration from global trend influences, colours and culture to establish a brand that represents a story of youth, fun, positivity and vibrancy through the play of bright colours and modern clean styling. Each item of clothing has a story that is created with love and a sense of appreciation of the past and craftmanship. Welcome to the world of EKTA, we hope you enjoy the experience as much we do, creating it.