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Collection – " f a c e " 2015-16 Autumn/Winter Collection

divka has always put importance on process of making clothes. In the 2015-16 AW collection, we put the process as a starting point. Through research and experiments, we spend a certain time to create clothes and the finished works often differ from the ones we have imaged in the first place and contain some differences. It is, for example, some...

Fashion Films

“Divka” is a design team established by two creators in 2011, based in Tokyo. We are developing the various projects through fashion. At the heart of the practices work is a concern to communicate to people through our works. Divka is aiming to creating modern and beautiful garments through experimentation. We always need to start the process from a different perspective and focused on the fact that new things are on the other end of our pattern - through various experiments aimed at creating undiscovered design patterns, shapes, and colors that create a whole new pattern. Divka seeks to create clothes that are unknown, even to us. In 2012, divka is selected as a finalist of Mango Fashion Award 4th Edition, and won 2011 TOKYO New Designer Grand Prix professional category.