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ho chi minh city
ho chi minh city
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Collection – Lover & Roses

I finished this collection after reading the immortal novel "The Lover" by the French novelist, Marguerite Duras. The insane love between the protagonist and her Chinese lover inspired me to make something special and thus the collection "Lover & Roses" was born. Its inspiration was the sweetness and intensity of the lover...
Diem My comes from a family of two generations of tailors. As a child, she helped her mother in the family’s tailoring studio. The young Diem My was especially interested in fabric and hand-crafting. At 18, she commenced the fashion design programme at Lotus University and Mod’art Vietnam, graduating with the highest level in December, 2010. She was also the finalist of Vietnam Collection Granprix 2009, the winner of the Idea prize in the Hutech Designer contest in 2010 and received first place at Aquafina Pure Fashion, also in 2010. Diem My is an immensely determined individual. She also has a high attention to detail, especially in textiles and hand-crafting. Diem My has a strong belief that one can achieve anything he or she strives and works hard for.