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Collection – Black As Night

*DIED* presents it’s first contemporary handcrafted collection, elegant with a sharp edge, dubbed Black as Night. A powerful collaboration between the design team and various artisans handpicked from around the globe. The rich shades of black represent nightfall in their premier collection, which was born out of a desire to keep true handcraft...
The story behind the designers of this brand: Diederik Verbakel and Marieke Holthuis are two professional and experienced fashion designers from the Netherlands. They met each other during their studies at the prestigious and famed Fashion Design Academy of Arnhem, Artez. They both graduated in 1999, and worked in Italy for several established fashion companies ever since. During these years they became fascinated travelling around the globe, discovering local traditions and different lifestyles all of these countries have to offer. These observations have been the spark to start up their own inspirational brand. Their natural urge to keep handcrafts alive, keeps them in search for the best artisans and craftsmen. Together with their choice of pure and natural materials and their creative touch, *DIED*‘s collections are elegant with a sharp edge, for the woman they love to dress....... “We love clothes that have a soul, that have a story to tell…!”