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Mario Francisco has worked for some distinctive Brazilian Jeanswear groups such as M.Officer and TNG. Chosen as the best fashion designer for his graduation paper and fashion show in 2004 at then SENAC Faculty (Faculdade SENAC), degree in Fashion, he was awarded with a 3-month internship in worldwide-known fashion school ESMOD, Paris. During his undergraduate course, he also joined some traditional competitions, for instance, the Fenit Novíssima Geração, when he was among the top 15 students from all over Brazil. He was then awarded with another trip to Paris in a competition organized by SENAC Faculty in partnership with M.Martan – one of Brazil’s largest retailers of home textiles – and his collection of home textiles was chosen as the most creative and interesting among all other collections presented by the competitors. In the first time he was invited to take part in Casa de Criadores, Brazil’s most important fashion week event for new designers, during the Spring/Summer 2009 edition as part of new talents programme – Projeto Lab – DER METROPOL was described by the press as the best new brand and the season’s greatest surprise. Thanks to excellent reviews, it becomes part of Casa de Criadores’ official line-up as it is over and again regarded as the highlight of the following seasons.
The brand’s outstanding performance goes beyond the catwalk and fashion shows and Mario Francisco is invited to be the costume designer for the theatre play “O Santo Inquérito”, staged at MASP in July, 2010, followed by an invitation by Latin America’s largest retailer of sunglasses, Chilli Beans, to create a line of products. Surprisingly, some models sold out in less than 3 weeks.In 2011 he starts a partnership with PUMA, one of the world’s leading sporting goods brands, and is nominated “Fashion Ambassador” to represent the brand in Brazil.The unique American designer invited to show in January, 2012 Barcelona’s 080 fashion week, his menswear fashion line was one of the menswear highlights during the event. The show received very positive critiques and was reported and reviewed by Spanish, English, American and Italian media among others, besides counting on international top models in his casting as Jon Kortajarena.
The work of Mario Francisco ahead of DER METROPOL keeps calling the attention of the international press, with articles and reviews on websites and magazines such as WAD Mag , "A Shaded View of Fashion ", by renowned journalist Diane Pernet, and Austrian magazine Vangardist Magazin, who devoted 11 pages in a story about the brand , in its August 2012 issue.
On his Summer 2013, he challenges himself as creator to develop a collection where only the design of the garments are the main reference, and explores the most essential elements of his work, as the volumes and complex patterns, common to the world of women's fashion elements brought to the male’s fashion universe in a very surprisingly way, and adds new elements like the use of unexpected materials as leather for a summer collection
On his summer 2014, Mario Francisco has as starting point the movie "Mars Attacks ", by Tim Burton
In a work rich in textures and trials, the designer uses technological fabrics with impressive aspects, which blend with metal, and gets incredible printing effects by overlapping traditional and digital techniques, including a new technique of digital printing applied over cow fur.
The fashion show is again highlighted in websites such as in "A Shaded View of Fashion ", by Diane Pernet, and Fucking Young.
In 2014 june Der Metropol starts being sold in the worldwide famous Italian concept store Luisa Via Roma.
With very sophisticated results when building pieces, creative patterns and impactful prints, DER METROPOL has been recognized for its innovative proposal, technical quality and very contemporary menswear designs.

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