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Collection – Autumn-Winter 2011/12

DEPLOY’s Autumn-Winter 2011/12 Collection takes its signature looks to yet another level of refinement. A touch of retro-futurist idealism is brought to life by the clever juxtaposition of couture tailoring: wool crêpe in rich emerald, amethyst fuchsia and graphite grey ingeniously created as cool two-way pinafore dress and reversible crop jacket...
DePLOY demi-couture is a women’s fashion label with a genuine point of difference. A pioneer in the design world, DePLOY reinvents the idea of mass customisation in fashion as each piece is adaptable - a dress becomes a skirt, or a blouse becomes a dress - all with the snap of an imperceptible fastening! The DePLOY woman is invited to customise her outfits to glorify individual tastes and to accommodate the diversity of their lives. The upshot for DePLOY customers is the fabulous and real notion of the largest wardrobe fitting into the smallest suitcase. As such, it accommodates the diversity of modern life and answers the needs of busy, active yet stylish woman. From the boardroom, to a gallery or out to dinner, there is one outfit with numerous possibilities. Moreover, DePLOY offers a more ethical way of staying stylish. Each garment’s multi-functionality enables customers to make more out of less, and replace new fashion garment ‘parts’ - thus engaging in a recyclable design and manufacturing process. “My aim is to make the fashion process less wasteful, more sustainable, and more interactive with the end-customer” says Bernice Pan, DePLOY’s creative director, who has a PhD in Fashion Innovation and leads a team of eight. This endeavour takes DePLOY, from research of textiles and garment suppliers’ practice, to its collaborative design with Hennumi Accessories using garment off-cuts, and its personal customer service communicating this benefit and vision. DePLOY encourages year-on-year customer loyalty, with DePLOY aficionados returning to update elements of their wardrobe. A further bespoke service, Choreograph, offers bespoke bridalwear and individual design and fitting service to each made-to-measure piece for the customer. Since opening the doors of its boutique and design studio in London in 2006 -- the DePLOY demi-couture brand is fast expanding beyond its original Clerkenwell and Islington fan base - to a growing band of ever busy international fashionistas seeking stylish and multi-functional outfits. DePLOY demi-couture is about creating, not just consuming. Open Daily: 10.30 am-6.30pm, Thursdays 'till 8 pm, Sundays by appointment only. +44(0)207 935 2613 34 Thayer Street Marylebone, London W1U 2QX, UK.