Debby Wang

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raffles college of higher education
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Collection – Stowing Down and Clearing Up

"This 'ethical fashion', This 'sustainable fashion', that complies to what fashion really is, that is borne out of passion, skills, heritage, artistry and bravery, is fashion. It's everything else that isn't" - Orsola de Castro
The collection is inspired by the current issue we have today regarding the environment. Fashion has become second biggest pollutant after oil. Fashion industry relies heavily on globalised mass production clothing which offer them new trend in almost once a week.The increase in fashion product offers also increase the customer product waste. The lifecycle of the fashion clothing product has shortened by more than 50% from the past. More and more clothes are thrown and it ends up hanging up in the landfill where it stays and polluting the ground and water.
The concept of the collection is reincarnation where in fashion in can also translate as recycle or upcycle. the collection focus on the way to brings back materials that been abandoned or can not be used anymore into a new wearable garment. The collection plays with the structure and shapes through the usage of fabrication and manipulation such as weaving and pulled yarn works; using recycled materials and organic cotton. The craftmanship could be seen through each details the garments have. Each of the garments were made to be unique and different, yet wearable and comfortable.
Debby Wang is a designer based in Surabaya. She studied 2 years of fashion and textile at AUT; Auckland and continued her education at Raffles Institute' fashion design program. She values the uniqueness in each fabric and focuses on sustainable fashion. She experiments and tells stories through different techniques like printing, weaving, embroidery and knitting. For her graduate collection, she pointed out the idea of sustainable fashion. She gathered locally made fabrics as well as recycled materials into her collection.