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Collection – Rastros de lo profundo (Traces of the deep)

"Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable
mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer
on certain objects and aspects of life"

G. de Chirico.

Our collection "Rastros de lo profundo" is inspired by the surreal films of Jean Painleve. In them he experimented with photography of the underwater life, creating strange forms and movements through the speed of movement. He also produced surprising examples of surrealism of natural phenomena, expanding the forms on a large scale and through the use of illumination in an artistic way. He is linked to surrealism by his will in finding the poetic in nature, which is a continuous search through the collections of De polvo y viento.

This collection awakens the vision of the mind that interprets nature. The same surrealism that lives in the unconscious mind of the one who interprets the story.

The surreal, the poetic, the abstract, the unreacheable, the inscrutable describes "Rastros de lo profundo" through textures and forms in nature. In this collection we have the "unconscious as an interpreter of nature" facing us, like Painleve in his works, to the tangible reality and revealing that extraordinary thing that we, dreamers, were not even able to intuit.

The distortion of reality creates a surrealist view of nature in which we consume ourselves in the unconscious to create a story of erotic, disturbing images of delusional magic, eternal and poetic. The world presented is one of disjunction, of separation of two realities, not inherent in this world. An emerging world as a result of mankind's determination to capture life as a continuum.

The idea is to transmit that surreal world that our mind is able to capture, within the realist world we find in nature. Keeping the mystery, the intriguing beauty and a world of wonder.

Painleve was considered a key figure in showing how surreal the physical world can be without the need to intervene it; this is why in this collection we maintain the use of bones without intervention but rather designing from their natural forms.

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De polvo y viento is a brand by twin sisters Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán, based in San José, Costa Rica. Their collections are hand made in Costa Rica. They studied interior design at Universidad Veritas and jewelry design at Escuela Crisol. They began studying jewelry in 2010 and launched their first collection in August 2012 in Costa Rica. Their passion is jewelry design, but they also included in the first collection a few clothing pieces, and fabric and chain accesories. De polvo y viento is based in the idea that "from dust we came and to dust we return". De polvo y viento loves creating unique pieces that represent in some way a person's soul, so that they feel identified and become emotionally attached to the piece. Bones are used in most of the pieces and they are found along the way like little treasures; each piece and design adapts to the bone's shape, so that the original shape of the bone is not altered. The idea is that each piece of jewelry is unique and that they stand as the memory and spirit of an ancestor. "The dead nature and the remainder of it as a divinity".