Dana Jasinkevica

Black Sheep




borås / sweden


the swedish school of textiles

Graduation year


Currently based in Sweden and studying in The Swedish School of Textiles/MA Fashion Design. Before studied in Art Academy of Latvia, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS in London. Her fashion collections explore different plots, from tragedies to fantasies. Garments become characters – colorful, diverse, and challenging. She has always had an experimentally, creatively and humorous approach to her works and projects. Dana loves to experiment with the imbalance that emerges from taking elements out of their context. Everything is interconnected. Interaction can be seen and felt everywhere. In principle, a lot is already clear about what it will become, it's just not yet known in what form exactly. Everything will remain, but everything will change. Existing assumptions are used in making the collection about what clothes look like; they are deconstructed and examined in a new light, twisting and connecting them with webbing in abstract forms, reflecting a symbolic direction towards the unknown.

Latest Collection