Dainius Bendikas

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Collection – “INFINITE WE ARE” - The Moon Monk Project / Fall-Winter 2012

A sculpted ever-wondering space philosopher - a mind traveller. A character with a dynamic inner personality. A multidimensional infinity - his mind is wide open, perfectly calm, yet simultaneously levitating. It is a paradox that everyone is here for the same reason and yet everyone has an individual purpose. Everyone is here to experience...

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Dainius Bendikas is a young award-wining Lithuanian menswear designer. Recently graduated from fashion design at the Vilnius Art Academy with recognition for innovative clothing construction techniques and concepts. He presented various collections on an international stage by way of festivals and fashion competitions, showcased in exhibitions and personal installations. Bendikas creates the narrative behind each collection witch is always the ground-point and men who wear his pieces are meant to evoke the feeling of “a motley crew composed of elements of diverse” in a forever changing world. The strong lines, theatrical touches, sculptured hemming and stitching, bring the words resourceful or ‘functional” to mind, each piece an intricately crafted part of a larger story.