são paulo
são paulo
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universidade de são paulo
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interstices. counter space. heterotopias. lapses of a reality without place. dimensions in which autophagy finds itself paths, cutouts, shades, shadows and light zones, different levels, spans, reliefs, penetrable, porous and brittle regions. its doing is deconstruction of the real, it is the proposal of an invisible, impalpable possibility. what if? why would it be? the perception is vague of their real existential motives. causes. longs for unfolds. and fall asleep again. no longer vibrates in vitro. infects

concept // lucas menezes
assistant // luciana caprino
styling // marcell maia
styling assistant // olimpia libertti
mua // guilherme casagrande
mua assistant // pedro toletino
soundtrack // carol caddeo
sponsors // vicunha têxtil, YKK, etec ecológica
support // crua design, melissa, THEVEIN, ilhós
photography // marcelo soubhia / agência fotosite

Fashion Films

D-AURA is built as a brand that brings in its DNA the strong influence of the urban environment. Its concept is composed in the creation of pieces that find in the exploration of the detail a field of improvement. the research developed in conjunction with modeling and its relation to the body are constant provocations in its creations. ​ the search for the deconstruction of the body as a genre, parallel to its reconstitution as a platform for the expression of a personality, appear as triggers for the composition of the pieces. they seek, within their users, the exponentiation of what is instrinsic to them, and that takes visual composition from the material that covers their bodies. ​ the architecture and the architectural way of thinking present direct reflexes in the creative process of the brand. the result of this association results in pieces that, in addition to an aesthetic-visual refinement, have elaborate and unique 'constructive methods' that depart from the understanding of the fabric to the absolute exploration of its capacities