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Started in late 2014, participated in Ozone Showroom during PFW and WHITE Show during MFW.

There's a sense of practicality and functionality mixed with the urban street culture in the brand aesthetic. Therefore garments are made to be daily essential, multi-functional, suitable and capable of handling daily or mere outdoor activities; yet easy-to-carry for mix and matching without excluding fascinating details to every piece of clothing.

Realising the fashion industry is so saturated with character-less repeated items, and fashion brands in general creates too many pieces in one collection, too much to concern that eventually lowered the quality of the designs and finishing quality, I have changed the brand direction from the original avant-garde-side style, doing 2 seasons per year with full range of clothing incl. tops, bottoms, jackets etc, into launching small capsule collection with appx. 4-6Skus each, unscheduledly.

Therefore focus on developing fabrics/ trimmings/ pockets/ lining details etc ONLY on certain type of clothing e.g. Outerwear or Bottoms, in order to further extend and develop the brand core aesthetic and character authentically, and create significant hero-pieces that represents my brand, which it is certainly a solid ground to stand on.

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