Ciudad de buenos aires
Ciudad de buenos aires
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Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo
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Collection – FRAGMENTO

It was inspired in Japanese Mafia. Through morphology and texture combinations I wanted to achieve an heterogeneous result where desing and tradition coexist. Most part of the collection was manufactured with a handmade felt, imitating Yakuza Mafia's single needle tattoo technique. I use it on knitted fabric, plain weave and sometimes I combine them to create a new kind of fabric.
CULTO is a emerging design brand based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Maximiliano Lezcano Agüero is a Fashion Designer who was born in February 8th,1991. He was born in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently studying at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work is inpired about cultural issues. The key point of the collections is to work in handmade way on materials elaborated in an industrial way, granting added value.