Grey Sheep



bucharest / romania


bucharest national university of arts

Graduation year


We met in 2014. We fall in love. And we stayed in love. We took life from the beginning leaving behind all we once treasured and loved. We wiped out the past and smiled for the present.
We found balance in each other’s arms. We discovered that in love there are no conflicts but only harmony.
We’ve met. And we embraced the belief that in this Universe there are no coincidences. Only God is reveling discreet His presence.
We rejected all the sorrow and the sadness as if they never existed. We closed the door to the past and we let the one to the future unopened yet. Life is too short to forget to laugh. It is too short to be frightened about the unrevealed future.
Life is present. Life is now. Is what we meet, what we feel, see, embrace and what we love. Is being tender and kind and forgiving.
We met. And we decided to follow our passions. To make things that bring pleasure and happiness. We started to colour everything around us with joy, happiness and smiles. As if the whole world is ours to be painted in colours.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple who share a passion for art. Anca's career spanned art, graphic design and fashion while Cristian moved from academia to business development and entrepreneurialism. They combined their passion for art by opening an online store offering limited-edition artwear, hand-made pieces of bags and accessories for women – all designed by Anca and using prints of her drawings and paintings. They aspire to blur the boundaries between art and fashion accessories.

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