Christine On The Clouds

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National University of Arts Bucharest
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Collection – Eternity is a Second

Eternal love is just a second. To be forever is a kind of burden. And then that very second is salvation, a careless free sensation. It's yours today, enough, too much, too strong, whereas tomorrow may seem long gone. You wait, sometimes forever, you look behind and then it seems again, like never ever.

Fashion Films

In a world where we keep considering our clothes as armors, Christine on the Clouds proposes femininity as the strongest way of defense and softness as the only way of rebellion. Christine on the Clouds uses natural soft and delicate fabrics, for each and every piece of clothing, out of love for all materials and nature especially. Christine on the Clouds create pieces of clothing for women with their head in the clouds, but their heart deep in the wardrobe. It naturally resurrects the finest silk, cotton or cashmere fabrics, in order to be mixed into delicate and limited editions. It all started with one need. The need for safety, the one making us wear a white shirt, almost every time. A simple white shirt, with or without lace, with or without transparencies, embroidery, flounces or buttons, but white indeed or with a drop of white somewhere. The need to feel safe which actually makes people insecure, so much that they end up dreaming. And ideas come out of dreaming and agonizing.