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Collection – KNOTWORK

Charlotte Pringels S/S women’s collection ‘KNOTWORK’ is inspired by the work of Peruvian artist Jorge Eielson. He is known for his abstract canvases of frames onto which strings and fabrics are tied and knotted and stretched, creating a ripple effect with visible tension between the ropes. She experimented with similar techniques in her...
Charlotte Pringels is a young Belgian fashion designer born in Sint-Niklaas, 1988. She graduated in 2012 from her master (MA) degree with her S/S collection “KNOTWORK”. Her work translates conceptual art into female elegance with interesting details and high quality finishing. Her style can be described as pure and elegant with eye for tradition, craftsmanship and unique materials. Charlotte is inspired by her surroundings, fuelled by her love for haute couture and traditional women’s wear. Her look is all about innovative proportions, construction and new shapes. She is working as a freelance designer, based in Antwerp, Belgium and is producing small collections under her own label. The pieces she makes are one of a kind, unique in design, fit and fabric use.