Celia Fröhlich

United Kingdom
University / School:
Royal College of art (RCA)
Production Location:
united kingdom
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Collection – I'm not afraid to close my eyes

The BA collection 'I'm not afraid to close my eyes' was developed during my BA studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. It shall offer blind and visually impaired people an accessible approach in experimental fashion.
Additionally it mediates sighted people a feeling how clothing can be experienced if the haptic and the visual stimuli are assimilated which underlines the dominant sense of integration in this project.

Fashion Films

Célia Fröhlich is a London based fashion designer and mixed media artist currently studying MA fashion womenswear at the Royal College of Art. In each of her works, Célia deals with the perspective of minorities and their social conflicts. Her designs, as wells as artistic works, are intended to challenge the viewer to rethink his position through more understanding and promote inclusion between different social groups.