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Collection – CONCEPT_SIX

The concept_six, where the sacks that once were daily used by Cecchi de’ Rossi family( to carry the linen during travels, to put away old tapestry or family belonging) are now recycled, converted and treated to become topical bags. The real hand on of a life-style through the interpretation of the current use of a bag. This is proper historical...
The bags and fashion accessories of this collection are the objects through which the “pellEvino” concept takes its form. “PellEvino” is an alliance between the heritage of artisan tanning tradition and contemporary technical sophistication. The exclusive dyeing method carried out with wine production rejects reminds you of the necessity of the ancient culture to recycle and obtain benefits from each material - both raw material and waste - offered by the environment and the rural life.. What was before a need not to waste has today become a sustainable innovation: the sophistication of the “pellEvino treatment” patent offers an exclusive dyeing treatment. The “CECCHI DE’ ROSSI” Collection does not intend to become a simple device to increase the value of dyeing with wine, however. Its design is complimentary to it and at the same time independent from it: starting from the tradition of the Tuscan saddler art, bags are being updated and deconstructed for their present function and aesthetic quality. Reflecting this concept of fusion between the past and the contemporary world that mix and thus create something future, bags thus maintain the sober and pragmatic character of the accessories of the past times.