Carlijn Veurink

The Netherlands
University / School:
artez institute of the arts
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The Netherlands
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Collection – A | Scen | Dance


Will be shown during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

Everyone has their own way. Their own way of acting, thinking and moving. This is a collection of suit which each react differently to the wearers movements. You can take control over shape and outline by moving around. Transitioning your postitions make the suits come alive.
Carlijn Veurink recently (2017) graduated from the Product Design department at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts | Arnhem | NL. Even though her background is product design she has always had a great interest in the performing arts. She’s always attentive towards interdisciplinary collaborations to go beyond the borders of her own background. Carlijn is currently working on a merge of a fashionshow and a dance performance which will be performed during FASHIONCLASH festival 16th of June in Maastricht.