United Kingdom
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Canterbury Christi Church University
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united kingdom
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Collection – Chapter 2 - 'RISE'

Continuing the story from the previous collection, CANG offers up a new effort narrating the journey of an individual’s search for confidence, bravado and fulfilment.

Fashion Films

Launched in 2017 by Jermaine Nwankwo, CANG is a self-funded menswear label based in London (UK). Telling stories and sharing experiences is Jermaine’s ethos to Art & Design; he feels it adds something personal to each creation. A strong creative yet not academically from a fashion or art background, fashion has always been his dream and driving purpose; the result is an emerging brand that feels raw, inclusive with a focus on internal & external human circumstances. The combination creates fashion with a conscious. CANG is an acronym for Conceptual Aesthetic Neutral Garments, it fuses elements of contemporary menswear & streetwear formalities with a minimalist approach to bring about subtly flamboyant, urban luxurious clothes. Jermaine notes to think of CANG as a book (the label), with many chapters (collections), telling a series of stories (concepts to each collection) - these stories intertwine but in no specific order.