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czech republic
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Collection – VERGE

The VERGE - new collection of headwear represents a fresh direction in headwear design. Inspired by the traditional hat shape, combining the light wool felt - symptomatic to the signature SHAPES Collection - and rough textile, VERGE brings a new dimension to the headwear scene.

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Sju is a London based hat designer, studied at the University of Economics in Prague and finished her Master studies at Kingston University Business School. Her passion for hats started 4 years ago when her grandfather returned from the family attic with a gift, a hand crafted bowler hat from the 1930s. Sju tracked down the original factory that made her grandfathers bowler and designed a series of hats taking from the old and infusing with the new. Originality and individuality are the core of each design and they are embedded in every stitch of Sju's hats. Working with the timelessness of the bowler hat, Sju creates pieces inspired by the latest generation of young people shaping the culture of today. The respect for quality and tradition is never compromised when she redesigns these classic hats for the modern wearer. Every stitch is placed with love and carries the stories of generations of milliners. The choices of colour and design allow a wearer to imprint their own personality, passion and creativity into their hat. There is no set way to wear a BySju hat, they are the beginning, a companion on your journey, where you take them next and where they have been with you will define what they are.