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Collection – FORCE SS18

Water is seen as a playful environment where people can express their freedom or be struck by their fear.
Can you dive from a height into water?

When does freedom stop, catching that moment at the edge of freedom just before it becomes a fear. That moment when you no longer feel safe.
The limit of freedom.You can only be totally free when you feel safe, otherwise you feel fear and apprehension. Safety gives you freedom within yourself, going outside your comfort zone to gain new experiences and stretch yourself and grow.

The rope embodies the tension between control and freedom: the rope can be seen as an element to suppress your freedom, keep you captive, a way to hold you back or it can be seen as an element that provides you with security, it gives you the safeness to express your freedom. (A climber wouldn’t feel safe enough to climb the mountain without a rope)


Fashion Films

Elevating rainwear beyond protection. Combining engineered craftsmanship with contemporary, raw elegance, BYBROWN is driven by technical tailored design. The integration of form, function and fashion come together in our clothes and signature rain wear. The brand has tailoring at its creative heart, where strong constructed forms give the clothes a minimalist attitude, and unexpected details add a playful element. Within the tailored lines there lays a soft tension, a dualism, which captures the essence of BYBROWN. The discerning BYBROWN woman is strong and individual as well as sensual and feminine. She demands a lot from her clothes, which reflect her individuality and offer her protection. This allows her to express her state of mind in all the extremities that her environment may throw at her. BYBROWN was founded in June 2007 in Amsterdam and the British designer Melanie Brown is the driving force behind the brand. In November 2014 BYBROWN launched the Raindress, which is engineered for urban cycling in the rain. The Raindress marries the two elements of style and functionality through technical fabrics, laser cutting and bonding technology and most importantly a key silhouette. This has led to a technical tailored design ethos within BYBROWN in which we want to push the boundaries between fashion and technology.