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new delhi
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national institute of fashion and technology (nift)
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100% handmade in India
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Collection – Spring Summer 18 "Threads of Wind"

Buna’s SS’18 collection carries the freedom of blue skies in every weft, the chirping of birds in the falls, and the pleasure of idyllic living in the textures… It is a tribute to the heritage tradition of handwoven khadis and jamdanis of India, made into elegant and dainty silhouettes. Is this love in action? Yes, love for nature, birds, flowers. Love for earth. Love uncompromising.

Among fields of golden mustard flowers, weavers in Bengal work the looms much in the same way as their ancestors did. They weave Jamdani, a heritage fabric of India described in ancient Indian texts as ‘threads of wind’. Jamdani is a labour-intensive and time consuming form of weaving in which intricate, opaque motifs are interlaced over a fine muslin base. The designs floating over sheer mulmul give the impression of ‘translucent skies’ or ‘the sublime quality of moonlight’. Loved by connoisseurs, the delicate art of Jamdani has been declared by Unesco as one of humanity’s most significant achievements in cultural heritage.

At Buna, we have contemporized the floaty and wispy quality of Jamdani with motifs of dots, clouds and flying birds. Our SS’18 collection is feminine, breezy and fun. The whites are unbleached and raw, the blues are of the skies. And our clear and glowing palette brings a sense of space and lightness into everyday life.

The weaving methods used by us are ancient and sustainable while at the same time the textile designs are original and modern. The relaxed and flowy silhouettes lend ease of movement and flatters the feminine form.

Unwind, celebrate or travel with our luxurious pret line. Buna SS’18 is a celebration of the present moment and slow living.
Buna is a new way of life - one that is rooted in culture, craft and community. Buna stands at an interesting intersection of local and global, traditional and innovative, classic and contemporary. We believe in looking back while moving forward. Buna is about slow living with sustainability at its heart. For us the process is as important as the product. Our story is a collective narrative of all the makers whose shared efforts culminate in a beautiful legacy. Buna grew as a response to an ever changing world. It signals a shift from rapid consumption and disposal to ethical choices and mindful living. It recognizes that green fashion is no longer an alternative, but a necessity. At Buna, we take responsibility for the earth and consciously strive towards reducing waste and devising eco-friendly methods of production. Buna is the brainchild of Pallavi Shantam, a fashion graduate from NIFT. Her love for Indian crafts and textiles, slow fashion, sustainable design and minimalism found an expression in Buna. It is her dream to create urban sanctuaries, spaces where one may retre­at to, for serenity and joy. Our range of clothing & lighting revolves around the premise of inspiring thoughtfulness. We use handwoven textiles, natural materials and artisanal techniques to create products with a global and timeless appeal.