Born From Rock

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bezalel academy for art and design
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Collection – Collection V

Our fifth collection deals with different compositional elements which relate to each other in an odd yet harmonious way, continuing our exploration of juxtapositions between flow and stiffness. This collection consists of playful hybrid forms that come to life through a disposition of lines, shapes, and materials.
The pieces in this collection are made out of sterling silver, 14 karat gold and natural gemstones including opal, iolite, and freshwater pearls.
Born From Rock is a handcrafted jewelry collective based in Tel-Aviv. BFR was founded by goldsmith Gili Barnea, a Bezalel Art Academy graduates, and Nira Shlimovich who graduated from Parsons with an MA in Fashion Studies. Our name is based on lithic mythology, which holds the belief that stone is the source of life and fertility, and that it lives and procreates human creatures just as it has itself been engendered by the earth. “Born from rock” is also the Sanskrit name for Emerald, relating to the generation of ores and stones in the belly of the earth. Our jewelry line is driven by friendship, curiosity and a deep appreciation for art and Fashion. Each piece of jewelry is carefully created by hand, with attention to detail and respect for the materials in use. We believe that these small artifacts have a special place in the world that is beyond a fleeting fashion trend, and that they carry symbolic powers charged with the personal narrative of their wearer.