Bori Gyorok

University / School:
moholy-nagy university of art & design
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Collection – polar collection

The ever-changing surroundings, art, science and functionality have always had great roles in my life. That’s why I decided to merge aesthetics and science in my recent collection. My first capsule collection titled ‘Polar’ was designed on the occasion of the Central European Fashion Days and featured a range of garments and bags. Drawing upon the inspiration of Phillip Lenard’s experiments with RGB colours, I’ve placed lighting structures on the plain white apparel and accessories. Overall clean lines, straight silhouettes and invisible stitches characterised the pieces made out of pure white poplin, satin and organza.
Due to the movements the collection is so called interactive, as the lights are changing its surroundings and hence varies the wearers’ relation to the garments. I’m planning to stick with this scientific approach and continue my experimentations with lights in fashion design in the future.
In the future I would like to keep blending fashion with technology and to experiment within these fields. I’m striving to be surrounded by an inspirational and international atmosphere that will get me a deeper understanding of the role of fashion and design nowadays.