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BYB designs are about strong personalities and spreading ideas by proposing strong - yet austere - contemporary aesthetics mixed with humanistic values. BYB aims to provide the world with a new point of view by dialoguing about injuries of class, race and sex. Its underlying vision is to reveal the research and evolution of a clothing experience through rough, exposed designs where processes and primal materials are the key, both for BYB style and philosophy.

BYB is continuously shifting the boundaries of our coordinates by working closely with Southamerican native tribes, non-governamental co-operatives and artisans who live in a forest, a mountain, a city or a desert. All of the constituents are essential as they are skilled in ancient regional looming, felt and natural dying techniques. BYB co-works with them under a fair trade system in desire of a more equitable future.

The craftsmanship in each of BYB garments transforms raw materials at a fundamental level, developing them out of Southamerican plants or using unique territorial resources such as: llama, guanaco, alpaca or leather. Details, natural dying and a rigurous, precise and forward looking study over shape makes the invisible, visible. The style offered is minimal and pure, BYB's innovative and powerful vision allows them to create a mix between deep research over Latin-American culture and the following re-interpretations into contemporary clothing.

Aspiring for a global change and surfing between human, social and natural science BYB ethos is to translate emotional landscapes into unique storyteller pieces. Time is a key factor in which imperfections change the paradigm of beauty bringing new inspirations to our contemporary world.

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