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Collection – SS18 Collection - Dusk

DUSK is inspired by a wall installment consist of origami pieces mounted to mimic the color of 'before sun-set' sky.
Most literature interpret that “Dusk”represent sadness, loneliness, and gloomy state of mind.
We would like to think that “Dusk” is a nature’s call for us to rest, and recharge our self to prepare for the next day.
Just like a flock of bird going home to their nest at sunset.

Through this collection We want to deliver a positive perspective about “Dusk” by creating structured yet relaxed outfits using basic origami technique to
create folds and details on the outfit.
In this collection We implemented the color range of “Dusk Sky” without making it look sad and depressing, by contrasting the color
range onto a balanced proportion and color blocking.

We are all living in a very busy society and lonely world where everyone is expected to be occupied
and to keep up with changes in a rapid way.
There is no time for rest.
Through this collection We want to deliver a message that resting is not something that we should feel
guilty about.
It is okay to take a well deserved rest.
Because not only our body needs it, our mind and
soul need to rest to heal.
Bobababe is an independent Indonesian fashion label, founded in 2014 by its head designer, Harumi Davita in Surabaya, Indonesia. We are a small business, specialized in women's ready to wear. Our team consists of a small group of local Indonesian designers, and seamstresses who are eager to deliver what we call a ‘happy fashion’. We are determined to help woman to find their way to happiness through fashion and to entertain our customers from their stressful busy life. Our fashion philosophy is that a woman should be sophisticated-ly fun, and stylishly cheerful. Bobababe is the happiness you can always wear.