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Collection – Collection 04 // Beautiful Chaos

Collage: Chaos, Anarchy a moment of freedom granting the possibility of making errors. It`s a transitory of activity where ideas are recomposed in a non linear way. Assembling things that don`t fit together. Collage is time and space, the way we conceive history of nowadays to show our future while comunicating a dream and a vision. Society is...

Fashion Films

Inspired by different aspects of the everyday life, human beeing, social relations and globalisation, Toscas Collections can be understood as a collage. All these various issues and Influences melt together to raise a new, homogen, and unique style. Focusing on Menswear, Tosca pays the greatest attention on a high quality character in every single piece. By combining surprising details, elaborate patterns and through rough pattern lines, the garments mark with their functional details and the precise chosen Materials, which can often be mixed in an unconventional way. After working as the design assistant of the german based label Studio Laend Phengkit and various work experiences for boutique labels in New York, Paris, Vienna and Berlin, she just took her Master Degree of Fashion Design at the University of Art Weissensee, in Berlin. Where she currently lives and works.