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Collection – B.K.A.A AW17 F*ck Fashion

B.K.A.A (Buki Koshoni Art and Apparel) releases its debut AW17 collection: F*ck Fashion. Unisex print bomber jackets and stand alone photographs from LFW (taken exclusively for BKAA) are used to blur the boundaries of high and low fashion, canvas and textile, fashion and art. The concept is creative utility: art as life, life as art. The result is an answer to pop art in the dawn of the digital era.

Produced in the UK, the jackets are crafted with expert tailoring and structures built for comfort and utility. They are available in 100% duchess satin or 100% jersey cotton.

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Buki Koshoni Art & Apparell is a brand of creative utility and cultural activism. Launched in November 2017, its debut AW18 collection – F*ck Fashion engages with the an ironically simple story: art as life, and life as art. B.K.A.A was founded by photographer Buki Koshoni, whose career in photography notably includes commissions from The Sunday Times, The Independent and Vanity Fair, along with exhibitions both nationally and internationally. “The release is an amalgamation of my cultural diaspora, aesthetic bible and cultural activism.” - Buki Koshoni. A skill for capturing snapshots of cultural charisma is blended with Buki Koshoni's passion for utility in clothing. The designs showcase enigmatic photography of distinct stylistic identities taken from behind the scenes at LFW, across 100% duchess satin or 100% jersey cotton bomber jackets and photographic art prints.