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Collection – SS13 by bitchingandjunkfood

SS13 is's second fully manufactured season. The collection is an amalgamation of inspirations from designer Kathryn Blunden's anti-podean beach upbringing and Marion Bergin's hibernian winter background. Dramatic contrasts of dark and bright define the collection with saturated, bleached out, dipped and tie...
About is a label by East London duo Marion Bergin and Kathryn Blunden. The concept brings together the design aesthetics of Dublin-born Marion and Brisbane -born Kath. Trained in History of Art and Fashion respectively, the pair moved to London to pursue careers in buying and design, their paths crossing whilst working in product development for a French label. Born on the same day at opposite sides of the world, they built a lasting friendship which developed into a design partnership when they launched four years ago. The business has grown from their initial salvaged denim project to a fully manufactured label comprising of denim, digital print lycra, jersey, leather and fake fur outerwear. Stocked in some of the top online stores and concept boutiques internationally, the label takes inspiration from contemporary pop culture and the eclecticism of the digital world. Their cut and paste aesthetic has become one of the defining attributes of the brand. A favorite with the press, their work has been featured on the cover of Elle UK and Company Magazine, and has also featured in the pages of Vogue UK, Amercian Elle, Grazia and i-D (to name a few). They custom design bespoke items for performers and can count Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Kelis, Drew Barrymore, Iggy Azalea and Ellie Goulding amongst their fans.