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academy of art university / chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne
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Collection – L'épure

We get inspirations from architecture, colors, nature, lines, shapes… Many things in our daily life that reflects our sense of aesthetics. We especially drew our inspiration from shapes of vintage clothes, new look silhouette, street style, with a bit of African and Indian culture. We also were inspired of fashion designers such as Valentino, Agnès b, The Row or Dior in term of universe.

We created the coat and pants pockets from the form of the ginkgo tree’s leaves. We loved forties shapes that express women emancipation after the war, street style from hip-hop culture and a masculine/feminine attitude. We liked mixing culture and atmosphere to put all our inspirations gathered.
For their first collection, Louise and Judith Aynès used their common aspirations to create the foundations of the visual identity of Aynès. They evoke simple but structured clothes, with specific details; a work of style and attention to detail made by Louise Aynès. Started in early June 2014, the project brings together the complementary strengths of each. Nourished by their environment, they have jointly developed the styling of the six components that make up the collection and then focus on their respective areas. Louise in model making and Judith to set values in the collection and management of the project. This first collection has been carried out through the participatory financing; funds they have collected from their entourage.