Audrey Anne Denis

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – I could have counted a hundred pieces on the floor and played with them for hours

It was raining outside and the light was turning blue. 6.43 pm and I could feel a cool breeze around my neck.
I woke up feeling more alone than ever.
The sound of the floor cracking underneath my feet, I walked half naked between the hundred pieces I could have counted on the floor. Although they reminded me of the fight, I could have played with them for hours.

This collection is about an elegant and beautiful woman who wakes up completely naked after a terrible fight against herself in her room. She then picks up the porcelain fragments she finds on the floor, embrace herself in her ripped velvet curtains and with the pieces of clothes she finds on the floor to get dressed. At the end, she may have lived a hard moment, but she ends up feeling stronger than ever.
I wanted in this collection to work on assumed looks in which we could feel strength and sensitivity at the same time. That's why a mostly based my research on some lingerie pieces and men's coats or blazers that are for me unescapable pieces from woman or men wardrobe.
The idea was to work on some clothes that were broken or fragmented, but that have a nice classic shape still. Some are broken and re-draped, others are complete but they are built by many fragments. The fabrics were also very important to me so I intervened on noble materials in order to feel the moment of weakness that woman feels when she wakes up.

Born in Montreal, Audrey-Anne Denis is a fashion designer based in Switzerland passionate about the women's look and elegance. She is deeply inspired by Pierre Soulages's, Cy Twombly's or Zao Wou-ki's art work. She Graduated from the HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design) of Geneva. She seeks to develop a sensual and raw aesthetic through assemblages of assumed cutouts and noble materials that she likes to rework by tearing, carding, and destructuring in a poetic and romantic way.