Aucarre Skalidaki

Black Sheep



london / greece


Central Sain Martins / University of the Arts London

Skalidaki AuCarre is a label founded by the twin designers with Greek origins; Eirini and Dimitra. Both, after graduating with a BSc in Bimolecular and Genetic Science, moved to London to study Fashion and Arts at Central Saint Martins. They were both successfully accepted at the BA Fashion Design with Print and Knitwear respectively. During their journey they assisted young designers who worked at big labels including Gucci and Chanel, and whose collections were honoured by the LVMH Prize among other prestigious industry awards.
The twin designers’ work was immediately recognized and received an award by Universal Pictures for ‘Design, Development, and Texture’. Also, their creations were photographed by Sarah Moon for the SSAW magazine in Paris. Finally, their pieces were selected to be part of the ‘Madam Butterfly’ installation at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Besides their studies, they gained industry experience at Mary Katrantzou in heavy embroidery and at Yorgos Eleftheriades in tailoring. These skills along with their strong interest in hand drawn digital print and knit, are a strong characteristic of their own work. Bold silhouettes, romanticism, as well as atmospheric designs are what can describe their creations in a simple manner. All in all, the designers’ work aims to celebrate luxury combined with elements of contemporary style.

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