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palma de mallorca / spain

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aubergin is a meeting of the minds and passions of Nevean Holmes and Anna Uimonen,

the two young designers that created it.

Born in different parts of Europe, both designers were taught,

nurtured and inspired in Mallorca and mainland Spain.

The brand launches it’s first womenswear capsule collection in 2014;

distinct prints and clean silhouettes offering a fresh approach to feminine aesthetic.

In 2017 aubergin introduces menswear, and unisex garments creating mixed

collections; relaxed yet effortless pieces that can transcend into the modern day wardrobe.
Using prints exclusively designed by aubergin; the garments are crafted with special attention to detail,
based on sustainable ethics and high quality craftsmanship of Made in Spain.
As a revolt against disposable fashion, aubergin`s brand mission
has always been to create non-trend sensitive designs by blending tradition and modernity in a single piece.

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