Athina Korda

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international school of costume and fashion design
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Collection – "FRAMES" A/W 17-18

Fashion Films

Athina Korda is a Greek Fashion Designer, well known for her strict and feminine geometry lines with a distinct delicate touch, representing a style that balances both chic and controversial design. Athina's designs create a balance between symmetry, asymmetry and is inspired by people and life in every form . Beside her collections , Athina has constant collaborations with artists from across the spectrum . She strongly believes that ‘’Fashion is art and art means freedom” The objective of each of her collections are to express her unique designs, style and point of view . Athina Korda has been a fashion designer since 2005 and in 2011 she launched her first collection, that marked her personal style in the world of fashion . She has taken part in Athens fashion week several times since 2014 , at Mercedes Benz fashion days Kiev 2016 and she has showcased her unique and conceptual designs at exhibitions.