Asu Aksu

Black Sheep



istanbul / turkey


istanbul moda academy

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Hailing from İstanbul, the brand Asu Aksu is practical, uncomplicated and natty at once. Minimal designs, constructed with superb materials, present a rich and layered narrative. At first glance there's the woman: A novel, unique and unpretentious woman, comfortable both in her clothes and in her own skin. On a more subtle level, there is a brand concerned about affordability and sustainability. Collections are comprised of items meticulously produced in İstanbul (Turkey), by local craftsmen with cotton, wool and natural fibre based fabrics. Every piece adds its little detail to a growing narrative, giving voice to ecological concerns and a longing for a purer, more enjoyable life.

Following her graduation from İstanbul University School of Business, Asu Aksu worked at various posts in advertising, PR, TV and entertainment. After a while, she reached the drastic decision of leaving her promising career behind and restarted training at İstanbul Fashion Academy. Graduating from İstanbul Fashion Academy in 2008, Asu Aksu in 2011 started her own label joined various projects, festivals and fashion shows, including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week İstanbul. She has been attending international fashion fairs such as Paris sur Mode, Who's Next Paris and Gallery Copenhagen regularly. She is also one of the 10 designers selected for the project "Fashion Incube", a collaboration between Center for Fashion Enterprise in London and İstanbul development agency via İstanbul Moda Academy.

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