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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Archives 001

Archives 001 represents a balance between modern aesthetics and innovative creative techniques. It draws its influence from the industrial and sports culture, dress codes inherited from the urban world and the functional and rational design present in workwear. Archives 001 starts from an observation, that of seeing a dichotomous generation where the basics rub shoulders with a centerpiece. It materializes through 12 man silhouettes with a focus on the upper body (jackets and coats). The research of this collection led by the artistic director Victor PRIEUX has led to the mastery of combinable industrial techniques, leading to results of unique materials.

Words of the designer : "It was a question of drawing up a vocabulary of gestures and techniques comparable to a collection repertory generating in their combination a singular aesthetic.Through these experiments, meeting points were identified to determine how industrial methods can be brought back. textile handicraft by ancestral methods of clothing creation (screen printing, dyeing, embroidery, silk, leather, weaving etc.) or by its tools (trowel, brush, etc.) It was important to reintroduce the hand of the craftsman in processes initially intended for mass production of the industry. "